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One year ON, and it goes on..

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Both of us couldn’t forget what happened one year ago today throughout our life time. We joined our hands in front of thousands of people to proceed our life in the right way. We have gone through the moments on sharing of happiness, sorrows, love, care etc. Ego might have separated us on times, but… Read More

28 days to go!


So, the big moment has less than a month left in it. New feelings, new responsibilities, new behaviors, new attitudes, and in simple, new life. We, me and Poorvi, know very well that we are stepping into the biggest part of our life to face fresh challenges. We know we need all your blessings and… Read More

Bodinayakanur – Travel guide

Travel Guide

As just two days have been left for my engagement with Poorvi, I have come up with the travel guide for many of those who have showed interest in wishing us with their physical presence. Most of the guys who have showed interest in visiting Bodi are from Chennai, so I have taken this post… Read More

Nov 13, 2015, the day to be noted

Poorvi and Raghu

At the 25th year of my journey, a very big moment is going to happen. I, politely, going to join hands with Poorvi very shortly. In order to confirm so, our engagement is planned on 13th November, 2015 in Bodinayakanur, Theni district. We, in single voice, inviting everyone of our friends and relatives to make either… Read More